An Update - Corona Dayz


My first three months in Berlin have been different than I ever imagined. It has been a struggle - trying to live as an artist and trying to navigate bureaucracy. And I don't have too many friends here, but there have been some magical moments playing music on the street, running from BVG ticket controllers, falafel parties, and nights out gone too far.

So just when I was beginning to get my shit together, shit got real with Coronavirus and I was forced into taking a break. Whilst the situation itself is bad, I am kind of having the time of my life here. I am now focusing on making new music. I also plan on coming out of isolation looking like a tank.

During this time I cannot earn money as an artist the ways I usually would. But you can support me by tuning into my FB livestream every Friday (6PM German time) where I will have my virtual tip jar open, or if you like, my EP is always available to buy on Bandcamp.

I do really hope I can return to the streets during the summer time and hopefully tour again in the not too distant future. But I guess it's out of our control.

Best wishes to everyone out there.