Band dayz and debut album funding!


Once again I forgot I have a blog. And so much has happened since my last post.

Me and the band are now a couple of weeks into our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for Ailsa and the Seahorses’ debut album! 

It is quite a nerve-wracking process, doing a crowdfunder like this, and very difficult to keep the momentum up. I hope that if you are in a position to do so and would like to support independent music, you can consider being a part of this campaign and making a donation/spreading the word. 

These songs have been following me around and are very close to my heart. They helped me heal and I hope they can do the same for others. Whether we make our funding goal or not, we will be grateful for the donations we have and do the best we can with what we got.

The story behind the album? Well, back when I made The Centre of Everything EP I was in some weird depression - I felt like I was asleep for a year and a half. At some point I rose to the surface and finally woke up again. Things started to change for me and I guess that’s when I started doing my music quite seriously. In the process of changing my life I did leave a relationship behind and went into this new chapter feeling a lot of uncertainty and insecurity, but also excitement and hope. It’s never an easy road and I was kind of walking through the mist blindly, feeling unsure of myself as I found the way again and healed. Now, when I look back on any painful times, I feel gratitude for these experiences and the process of growth I went through; everything seems like a gift now, the good and the bad.

And who are the band?? I met Nuri on Tinder, we became friends, he came round to my house and drank a whole bottle of port wine himself and now we play in a band together. And then Marcel, an old friend of Nuri’s from acting school, joined the band. I always feel a hilarious energy when we are all together and sometimes I can’t sing in rehearsals because I am laughing for no particular reason at all. And we are also getting a drummer on board for the project soon!

In the coming weeks there will be live videos surfacing and a livestream concert, all as a band. So stay tuned for the details on that. I will also be unveiling the T-shirt design very soon - one of the perks available on the crowd funder! We tried to make this campaign as fun as possible and it has gotten a bit weird in places, but that’s just how we are. I truly hope some people go for our less conventional perks such as Nuri’s LED whip dance, the dinner date with Marcel or a tarot reading with myself. 

We also came up with the ridiculous and stupid idea of getting stickers printed with the QR code to the campaign page, simply having a picture of us with the text “Only Fans”. Prepare to see us on the back of every toilet door in Berlin ;) We have Tinder profiles for the campaign and everything… Doing all we can really, but it is very hard. Very grateful to those who have supported us so far and I hope we can keep it coming :) 

You can join the campaign here:

Thanks and much love,