Happy new year <3


I'm a bit late, but I would like to wish you all a happy new year. A little update from myself and the band:

Although we did not make the ambitious 7,000 euro goal for the album crowdfunder, we did get a fair chunk of it! We are sitting somewhere close to 5,000 I think, which is pretty amazing and means we are able to go ahead with the project. Some of the costs will come later on, so we still have time to get some money together for that.

So a massive thanks to those who made this possible. Now we begin the process of fulfilling the crowdfunding perks... Some of these will happen around the time of the release (will keep you posted!), and some of these will happen now. I think this week Nuri will perform his fabled whip dance for one very lucky lady.

As for me, it's a very busy time. Why I decided to undertake an intensive German course (it's bloody intense) whilst also training for a half marathon, whilst also trying to record an album, I will never know. There should also be an album coming out this year with the other separate musical project I am part of, it's very dark stuff, miles away from the Seahorses.

Right now, I would really love to write some new songs, it's been so long. And although I feel trapped here, I am loving Berlin and the artists/people here who have inspired me. Here's to a successful year.