My annual blog post


Sorry to once again neglect you blog fans...
I'll try and condense the year.

If you helped fund the album, please see my update that I posted over on Indiegogo for the details on how that is going:

The year began with training and preparation. I learnt German, then promptly forgot it. I trained to run a half marathon whilst also preparing with the band to record an album. In Springtime I visited my hometown of Edinburgh and played a lovely concert with animated horses leaping across my guitar.

In Berlin summer we headed into Famous Gold Watch Studios and recorded an album... It took a while but Bob was a legend and it turned out pretty fuckin cool. It's now in the mixing stage.

In autumn I decided it was important to get a music video made for Hermit. This turned into quite the journey of self discovery. We shot over two days in October with a small team, I was wearing a cloak, I danced with my shadow and one of the locations looked like Mars. We felt very close to nature by the end.

Another highlight of the year was a love story that unfolded in Norway. An instant connection and magical synchronicities... we stopped following the script of relationships and social interactions given to us by society, everything dissolved and we were able to be our authentic selves. We called upon the blessing of Odin and I was baptised in the freezing waters of a magical lake.

Towards the end of the year, being in Berlin was making me crazy and I ran away. I first passed through Prague then Budapest, before going on a month long journey through Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. There were cute concerts, cute dogs and cute people. Delicious food, mountains, ghosts, pirates... And now I am in Scotland... I hope I figure out a way to survive next year and be free in the way I make my art.

Thank you to my small but loyal fans/friends who were always there!
Happy solstice, happy xmas, and happy new year when it comes.