Welcome to my swanky new website. Here you can keep up to date with all Seahorse news, events and life updates.

I have been quiet for a while as there has been a lot going on. So here's what's been happening. At the end of last year I had a pretty sensational adventure in Berlin before returning home to take a break over Christmas. For the first time in years I actually enjoyed Christmas, but overall Scotland was feeling like a pretty miserable place to be. Maybe it was Winter, maybe it was Brexit, dunno.

But anyway, on New Years Eve I decided I needed to leave immediately and return to Berlin... this time to live. So a few days later I was on a bus (4 buses actually) for two days with just my guitar and amp and not enough clothes. It all sounds very romantic but honestly I smelt so bad when I arrived. Also, sitting for hours wondering when the next service stop is gonna be so you can pish not in the bus toilet - not romantic.

I left Scotland quite suddenly and didn't really get to say bye to a lot of people which is a bit of a shame. But with Brexit looming, I wanted to get settled quickly.

I found somewhere to live in Berlin the day I arrived .... The universe provides ;) So now I am living with two absolute legends, eating potatoes every day (we have too many potatoes in this flat), learning German, watching weirdos on the U-bahn and having many daily adventures.

I guess this is the end of the first incarnation of my Seahorse bandmates, but I'm sure we will play again sometime in the future and I will find new bandmates here in Berlin. I think I am finally almost finished working through the mountain of bureaucracy I was faced with and am now looking forward to the year ahead. This year I hope to finish material for my debut album.

It sure is a magical place here, although my only criticism is that salt and vinegar crisps are not so common, which is disappointing. I have been having some very intense dreams and my flatmates even had the same dream but from different perspectives. Tripppy.

So welcome to my website, take a look around. Thanks again for supporting my music.Thanks to everyone who has helped me get settled here. And thanks to the people who have sent me some very nice fan mail recently :)

Stay tuned, happy new year.